In-Line Ovals

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The fishing cork with a REMOVABLE TOP! You control the noise and weight of the cork!

Steel and glass beads included. Each pack includes two (2) VersaMaxx Oval corks and container of steel and glass beads.

Available in florescent yellow and florescent orange colors.

Features and Benefits:

  • No messy wire clips
  • Adjustable rattle and weight
  • Perfectly balanced design

Two corks per package plus container of beads and weights



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    I want more!

    Posted by JT on 2nd Apr 2018

    I have owned the oval version for quite some time and really like it, hence my purchase of the coastal version. I use them up here in NH for drifting flies and BIG streamers for trout, bass and northern pike.
    I plan on using the coastal version which I just received for striped bass fishing. I normally like to use casting floats that you fill with water but find yours much easier to use and weight, or fish with no weight.
    . I fish everything from a 2 weight fly rod for native VT brook trout to BIG northern pike and stripers. I would suggest you might have a huge market for your corks if you down scaled some in size for fly fishing, panfish, trout, etc. I love the design and ease of use and being able to change the weight so easily, and would load up on them if they had smaller sizes I could use on brook/brown/rainbow trout and perch/crappie/bluegill.
    Great product!

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    The Oval Float - Ultimate Float for Inshore Fishing

    Posted by Craig Massey on 15th Nov 2017

    The VersaMaxx oval float casts farther and tangles less than most floats on the market today. It works exceptionally well with braided lines. I load it with the steell BB's to obtain a high pitch rattle when fishing for speckle trout. I use the glass beads for a lower pitch rattle when I am targeting redfish. I normally out fish other anglers using various other float types. Before the fishing trip is finished almost everyone I fish with has asked to borrow one of my VersaMaxx floats. (I usually do not get them back.) This is a the ultimate float and I have not used any other type of float since this product came on the market.

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    Easy to use with braided line

    Posted by Perry P on 2nd Nov 2017

    The cord is great with its ability to adjust weight but best feature is ability to use & easily adjust with braided line. Thanks for developing!

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    Calls tha reds

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2017

    I really like the way this cork sounds, casts and retrieves. But best of all, it really does the best job of calling the fish, especially when it is windy and you need the extra noise!

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    Better than original version.

    Posted by Craig on 30th Dec 2016

    The ovals float higher than the original model which makes them easier to see. They also float vertically where as the original model often floated on its side.

  • 4
    Bigger is better!

    Posted by Michael Villemarette on 7th Sep 2016

    Works great but hard to see on the water. Maybe, it could be a little bigger

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