ProStaff Team

Prostaff Captain Charlie Thomason

Captain Charlie Thomason

Hopedale/Delacroix, LA

Captain Charlie Thomason is one of the premier fishing guides in Louisiana. Owner and founder of Bayou Charters, Charlie has been fishing the marsh and coastal waters from Texas to Florida all his life. A winner of several Redfish tournaments such as the O Boy O'Berto and others, Charlie is an avid user of both the VersaMaxx Bolt and Hybrid corks. He uses them DAILY on his fishing charters with astounding success. If your looking for a proven and reliable guide, Captain Charlie is your man! Don't forget to ask him about the 'fish guarantee'!


Prostaff Captain Joe Tassin

Captain Joe Vinson

Hopedale/Delacroix, LA

Captain Joe has been fishing the waters of Louisiana for decades! He knows how to hunt down the reds and specks with the best of them. He is a member of the Bayou Charters fishing team and is an avid user of the VersaMaxx Hybrid and Oval corks for years.

Prostaff Captain Greg Boudreaux

Captain Greg Boudreaux

Hopedale/Delacroix, LA

Captain Greg is as familiar with the waterways of Delacroix and Hopedale as any of the best guides are. He fishes almost on a daily basis hauling in limits of Reds and Specks at will. He is a prominent user of the VersaMaxx Hybrid and Bolt corks. He is also a member of the Bayou Charters fishing team. The best hang with the best!




Todd Masson(Marsh Man Masson)

Covington, LA

Founder of the Marsh Man Masson You Tube channel fast approaching 20,000 subscribers. Todd is a well known figure throughout the Louisiana marshes, Todd is constantly chasing his favorite, specks, but will gladly take the reds and bass! A strong user of the VersaMaxx Bolt corks, Todd has proven their durability and success on many of his Marsh Man Masson videos on his Youtube channel, check it out you won't regret it.

Prostaff Bobby Weir

Nick Hebert

St. Rose, LA

Nick is a frequent fisherman of coastal Louisiana waters. He has and continues to fish several redfish tournaments. He uses the VersaMaxx Bolt lineup of corks when chasing down redfish in the right conditions.

Prostaff David Littlejohn

David Littlejohn

Hammond, LA

David has been fishing since he could walk! He is an avid fisherman who covers lots of area from the marshes of Delacroix and Hopedale all the way to the upper reaches of Lake Pontchartrain. He mostly used the VersaMaxx Bolt lineup but will work with the Ovals and Hybrids too.

Prostaff Derek Stratton

Derek Stratton

Raceland, LA

Fishes frequently in the marshes of Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes. Derek takes his 22' Express boat to places many of us may never see chasing them spotted tails with his his Bolt cork setup.

Prostaff Mike Sartin

Mike Sartin

Houma, LA

An avid saltwater fisherman throughout south Louisiana. A frequent participant in redfish tournaments like Tito's and IFA. Mike polishes his skills constantly, always working to be a top notch angler. Mike uses the VersaMaxx Bolt to seek out the Reds frequently!

Prostaff Kyle Manak

Kyle Manak

New Braunfels, TX

Kyle is a kayak fishing enthusiast to say the least. He manages the group, Kayak fishing Texas. You can always find Kyle frequently chasing down redfish of that just right size!  He often uses the VersaMaxx lineup of corks when the conditions dictate. The VersaMaxx Bolt is a real time saver for all Kayak fisherman because there is no need to retie leaders in order to change depths, the Bolt ends that problem forever!!

Prostaff Ron Henne Jr

Ron Henne Jr

Corpus Cristi, TX

Ron is the publisher and owner of the Saltwater Angler magazine and website, You can always find Ron fishing the waters around Corpus chasing down the big fat specks that the area is known for.

Prostaff Bobby Weir

Bobby Weir

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Bobby is a very successful tournament angler. He has fished many over the past few years with great success. A true pro at seeking out redfish of that just right slot size, Bobby utilizes a variety of the VersaMaxx In-Line corks like the Hybrid, Ovals, and Coastal. Look for his name on the leader board at the next event you follow!!



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