Capt Charlie Thomason, Professional, full time, Fishing Guide over 25 years

Bayou Charters, Coastal Concepts Fishing Show

Once you use this cork you will never use another cork! This will out fish any other cork; I have proven this over and over on my charters during 2018 and 2019. Enjoy!!


Richard Bulot, President

Category 5 Lures

Every serious fisherman should have this in their box. One cork: Change depths quickly, add weight quickly, add rattle beads quickly, greater top water action and catch more fish quickly. We love this product!


Capt C.T. Williams , Professional Fishing Guide over 25 years


Without a doubt one of the best pieces of tackle you can have in your box. On many occasions the VersaMaxx Bolts and Hybrids have outcaught traditional corks on my TV shows and Charters! The noise these things makes is incredible. A complete weapon!


Capt. Joe Vinson, Professional, full time, Fishing Guide over 15 years

Definitely my go to cork now is the VersaMaxx Oval & Hybrid! By far the loudest corks on the market. The ease of changing depths along with the tangle free design have made my charter trips much more productive!!


Capt Greg Boudreaux, Professional, full time, Fishing Guide over 10 years

Been using the VersaMaxx corks for a few years now. They have made my charters more enjoyable and productive. Amazing how the noise and vibration created by the cork have caused redfish to actually attack the cork!! It has been a real game changer for me. Only corks on my boat now.


Capt Elliot Lanaux, Professional, full time, Fishing Guide over 5 years

The VersaMaxx corks have made my job of charter fishing so much easier now. We are often times needing to change depths during trips and the VersaMaxx makes that super fast and easy. I load the Hybrids up with all the varieties of beads to create plenty sound. The spool the Bolts with 5 feet of Mono so I can quickly and easily change depths throughout the day! They have no doubt increased our catch ratio!! I'm hooked.



Certified Lab Strength Test-- 80 lbs pull tested!!!!



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