Usage Tips

tackleboxes.jpgThe true beauty of the VersaMaxx coastal popping cork is its ease of use. Simply remove the top and fill the cork with the amount of rattle and weight media you desire and re-attach the top. Next, position the cork at the desired depth along the fishing line from the bait you are using. Lastly, wind the line 7 or 8 times around the top and bottom eyelets. You're done, in a matter of seconds!

Of course what makes the VersaMaxx truly unique (patent pending) is your ability to switch it (while still on the line) to the unique fishing conditions you find yourself in trip after trip. Windy day, just add more weights for easy distance casting. Spooked fish, uses fewer rattle beads, or none at all. Here's a good one, need weight with no rattle at all, add water. That's right add water for a perfectly weight balanced cork with zero noise produced. The options are are the number of fish you'll catch using the VersaMaxx!

The bottom line is you no longer need to carry several different corks in your tackle box when you can have the VersaMaxx that does it all. This means less clutter and more importantly less money spent on corks. Unlike several of the other corks currently on the market, the VersaMaxx assures there will be no tangled lines due to external wires or beads, no leaks thanks to the durable design and 0-ring placement, no cutting/denting of line since there are no harsh clips to pull the line through, and no hassles changing the cork depth along the line.

Try it for yourself and we think you'll agree the VersaMaxx is truly the one cork that does it all, plus some!

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