VersaMaxx Bolt Pro-Series to be introduced at Sportsman Show in Dome


Come see the all new VersaMaxx Bolt Pro-Series corks at the Superdome July 19-21. We will have an awesome special for the introduction of our newest fishing cork!! THE best and most versatile cork on the market today hands down. Get the best, get VersaMaxx!!!!

VersaMaxx celebrates 5 year Anniversary!!!

VersaMaxx marks it's 5 year anniversary thanks to the awesome customers who have used our corks with tremendous success!! We thank each and every one of you for your continued patronage.Check the "Customer Appreciation" button for our new customer only special for July 18'.  Just our way of saying thank you!!!

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The New Bolt Ovals will be Available at La Sportsman Show March 15, 2018!!

The new Versamaxx Bolt Ovals will be introduced at the Louisiana Sportsman show on March 15 through March 18. Available in three colors, Yellow, Orange and Pink. Also the Bolt Popping will now be available in Pink too!!

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Holiday Deal - Bolt only $5.99 thru 11-27-17

Get your Bolts now. Only 5.99 through 11-27-17.

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VersaMaxx Bolt Ovals on their way!!

The VersaMaxx Bolt lineup is adding Ovals for the Spring of 2018!! They will be available at tackle shops in orange, yellow, and pink. They will be available online only before that on a very limited basis. Keep checking back soon!

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VersaMaxx Bolt is Here!!!

Finally after much R & D to get it just right, the VersaMaxx Bolt has arrived. Check out the brief video demo above. We will have some available for sale in 30 days! 

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Gotta see "The Latest VersaMaxx Adventure" above.

Proof positive that the VersaMaxx corks WILL make a difference in YOUR catch!

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Lookout for the new VersaMaxx WIRED corks.

VersaMaxx WIRED corks are a first of it's kind wired cork that changes to different depths easily. Unlike traditional wired corks that must be tied at a fixed depth, VersaMaxx WIRED can change depths instantly!!! Coming soon!!

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VersaMaxx "OVALS" coming this spring

Versamaxx In-Line Ovals coming this spring. Finally a clip-on style oval cork that you can add rattle and weight to. No more awkward wire clips to deal with!!

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