Posted by Steve Kissee on 24th Apr 2014

Versamaxx hitting the markets for Spring 2014!

Well it's finally here, Spring/Fishing time! The Versamaxx is rolling out in full force over the next 3 to 6 months. Soon you will see it in all your local tackle shops and even some large retailers such as Walmart.

Pick up some and see for yourself why the Versamaxx can replace every other cork in your tackle box. Thousands have been convinced already!

Remember, you customize the cork to your liking. Really no limits to what you can create. Let us know how you use the Versamaxx. Some fill it with water, some with sand. 

I personally use 8 steel beads. I put one lead split shot 5" above my bait to hold it down to the depth I want to fish(usually 3 feet). It's a speckled trout killer!!

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