VersaMaxx Bolt Popping

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Extremely effective for trout fishing.

  • The only wired cork of it’s type that can change depths fast as a
    lightening bolt utilizing the Patented Leader Line Lenghtning system!
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced for easy tangle free casting
  • Anti corrosive stainless steel swivel and brass beads
  • No kink Titanium wire
  • Solid to the core colored cork, no chips or cracking
  • Built to last!


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    Versatile bolt popping cork

    Posted by Ricky Strickland on 10th Jul 2018

    Ordered the Bolt popping cork after seeing it on Facebook. Love the versatility of changing the line depth without having to cut off the line and re-tie for a different depth. The popping action is great and this cork is the real deal. I also have some of the straight line corks and they work well also.

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    Durable, effective cork.

    Posted by william brown on 27th Jun 2018

    This cork works really well. Has a nice pop to it. The depth versatility is also a plus. Used with market shrimp and had good action with red fish. Very satisfied with this product. Got the wife a Pink one.

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    Bolt popping cork

    Posted by Todd on 20th Jun 2018

    Ordered these after seeing videos online. I had been using a competitor cork (won't mention brand) and was tired of having to retie it due to water depth changes. This thing is freaking awesome. When you move spots and find yourself in deeper water or shallower, a few wraps of your line on the corks bottom takes care of the depth, eliminating the retie of your cork, meaning faster fishing times, less downtime. Will definitely order again, but with the material of this thing, I am assuming they will last awhile before I need to reorder.

    Thanks guys for an awesome, useable product.

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    Best Action out there

    Posted by Todd on 16th Jun 2018

    Ordered 2 of the bolt's. One yellow and one orange. Used the yellow one today for the 1st time and it's action is awesome. I had another brand, same design, but the wire is not titanium on it, this one is, the competitors bent after several uses. I used this thing all day in Cocodrie and not one bend. Caught our limit of specs. I truly believe the popping noises created do help draw the fish to it.

    One other thing is the material, it's not cork, I expect this to last awhile.

    VersaMaxx, will def order some more and am telling my crew about them

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    Popping Cork

    Posted by Dougmau on 1st Jun 2018

    These are some of best if not best on market. I love being able to change depth In just couple seconds. The wire had never bent. I’ve hooked Redfish up to 25ilbs. Trout,Redfish and even bass.

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    The Best Popping Cork On The Market - Period.

    Posted by Kent on 29th May 2018

    I recently purchased two of the Versamaxx Bolt Popping Corks and am extremely delighted that I did. These are versatile, effective, durable and most importantly.... They bring the fish to your bait! If you are thinking about buying some of these, quit thinking about it and simply purchase some of these. You won’t regret it! You’ll be so thrilled with how effective, durable and versatile these popping corks are that you’ll want more of these in your tackle box and you’ll want to tell others just how great these are. So... If you use popping corks like I do; you’ll wonder why you ever used any other cork.

    Quit reading the reviews, stop thinking about if these popping corks are really all that great and just buy yourself some of these. Once you have the opportunity to use one of these for yourself.... You’ll be hooked! (And so will the fish.)

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    Posted by NORMAN on 25th May 2018


  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Carl on 22nd May 2018

    Love these corks. I was able to put about 14 ft of braided 20 lb line on one cork for a leader and about 10 ft of 20 lb mono on another just to try them out. Could have actually put more on either but thought that would be fine for a trial. They are extremely easy to change depth with. No more cutting and retying. When a bait gets broken off or worn out just unspool some more line and tie on a new one. If they continue to perform as they have so far these will be all I buy from now on for Speck fishing.

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    Great cork

    Posted by richgill on 22nd May 2018

    Best cork I have ever used. Very easy to change depth of bait without having to cut and re tie leader.

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