Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cork float sideways even after I have added the rattle contents?

Remember, the VersaMaxx is an un-weighted cork. Like other unweighted corks it will float sideways unless weights are added to one of the chambers. Simply add your desired rattles beads in one chamber and add the included weight in the other chamber and you are all done! When using a heavy bait like squid or cut mullet, there is likely no need to add weight inside the cork. It's totally up to you how you want to customize the VersaMaxx to your particular liking and fishing conditions.

How do I attach the Cork to my fishing line?

Simply hold the cork at the desired position along your line. Once positioned, wrap the line around the hook eye on top 8 times. Do the same on the bottom hook eye. You will hear the line click inside the eye each time you wrap it in.

When do I use the plastic, glass, or steel beads?

That depends on the amount of noise you wish the cork to make. The steel beads create the most noise and drive speckled trout nuts. The glass beads create more of a thumping noise(we’ve noticed these work best for Redfish), and the plastic beads produce a very subtle noise for use when the fish may be somewhat finicky but you still want to attract them to your line.

How do I move the cork up or down the line?

To change the depth of the cork, you can simply unwind the line from the top and bottom eyelets four or five times and then slide the cork to the desired position. Once positioned properly, rewind the line around top and bottom eyelets.  There is no need to completely remove the cork from the line to change depth.

Won’t the cork eyelets break if a large fish is hooked?

Highly unlikely that the cork would fail. The cork is made with only the highest quality premium materials. On top of that, it has been certified pull tested by independent labs to a hold strength of 80lbs force!

Can I use other materials inside the cork?

Absolutely! The cork has two independent chambers to house the contents of your desire. Many have told us they use lead weights in one chamber and rattle beads in the other chamber. Some even fill the cork with water to produce the perfectly weighted cork with zero rattle. The sky is the limit! You can make the cork do what you want.

Can I change the contents of the cork while still on the line?

Certainly. All you need to do is unscrew the cap, change the contents, and screw the cap back on. All this while still attached to your line! Keep you bead pack in your pocket and you can change contents in a snap!

Does the cork work with any fishing line?

Yes it does! Mono, braided, floro, etc…, they all work. For best results 8lb to 20lb diameter lines should be used.

Can I attach ‘split shot’ or use jig heads to my line while using the cork?

Yes, as a matter of fact the cork works even better with a little weight added to your line. If you are using very heavy baits and/or jigheads, you can easily adjust the weight of the cork to accommodate them. That’s the beauty of the cork; it is versatile enough to adapt to your every fishing circumstance!

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